This page is to provide some information on bike maintenance with some supporting videos from the GCN crew! Feel tree to drop us a suggestion if there is something else you would like to see here.


Watch out for upcoming spanners events where you can bring your bike along and learn how to maintain it! 

These videos are suggested methods and other options are available. 

Video Content:

  1. Changing a tyre

  2. Checking your bike before a ride

  3. 5 hacks for perfect shifting

  4. Clean your chain in 5 minutes

  5. Replace your cassette

  6. Index your gears

  7. Change your pedals

  8. Change bar tape

Changing a bike tyre


Checking your bike before a ride


5 hacks for perfect shifting


Clean your chain in 3 minutes


How to replace your cassette


How to index your gears


How to change your pedals


How to change bar tape