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We are very lucky in Chepstow in that we have the Wales National Velodrome on our doorstep in Newport. Track cycling is something that every cyclist should experience!


Riding a fixie, with no brakes on a 42.5 degree banked track is an experience you won't forget! But, if you can ride a bike, you can ride on the track.

The club runs ad-hoc sessions for newcomers and experienced riders alike. Also, linking in with other clubs it is possible to join them on their track sessions as well. For these sessions you do not need to be track accredited; there will always be a qualified coach to hand to ensure you are safe.

If you would like to get going before we run a club session, then there are other options available. The link below will take you to the PDQ Cycle Coaching website, with options for novices, intermediate and experienced track cyclists.

No special kit is required. Track bikes can be hired at the velodrome, so you just need to take a helmet and gloves.

Keep an eye on the club calendar for future sessions!


Track cycling is not just for the Olympics! Come and join us on the track. We work closely with local coaches to provide suitable track sessions for those with no track experience, to those who wish to compete.

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