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Chepstow Cycling Club is a vibrant and friendly cycling club. The club strives to be the friendliest sports club in Monmouthshire! We are inclusive, community focused and have a committed, yet fun, outlook towards club riding.

The Club is a non-profit organisation affiliated with British Cycling (BC) and Cycling Time-Trials (CTT). We host numerous weekly group rides throughout the season for our members, providing a wide variety of group road rides covering all abilities. We’re active in the local time-trial scenes, hosting our own events and encouraging cyclist development.

The club is active in the local community; helping to promote Chepstow’s cycling culture in schools and provide support to local causes.

Our Story

The club was born way back in 1889 and as such has it’s roots firmly in cycling history in the area and was one of the first clubs in the country. After a period of dormancy, The Club was re-formed in Jan 2017, with only five members, the club now has a membership base of over 100. Having been keen cyclists for (too) many years, the founding members were amazed there was no cycling club in Chepstow; on the edge of some of the best areas for cycling in the UK! It was hoped that with the creation of a club it would give opportunity to meet local, like-minded riders and so, with this rough outline of a plan, began the creation of the Chepstow Cycling Club.

Throughout the following years it’s been great to see new faces turn-up for rides, and fantastic to see members’ confidence and ability grow through riding with The Club. Our ethos is that you will not be 'dropped' on a club ride and we really are keen to attract to riders of all abilities and ages. Members regularly take part in road racing and TT competitions.

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