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Transition Rides - the next step in your cycling?

For many members, the progressive group club runs can appear a little daunting. Lots of miles, riders in club kit, hills, maybe fancy bikes… But the perception that its something beyond most riders capability is likely to be unfounded. But we appreciate that’s easy to say, and that nobody wants to turn up for a ride and feel like they’re holding the group back, or that they will be the last up every hill or even that the other riders will start laughing at you. I know that’s how I felt when I started out!!

The recreational rides provide an excellent entry to the club, and thanks to Barry and his ride leaders, the atmosphere is very inclusive and fun! Those attributes central to the ethos of the club. After a while some riders will begin to progress their riding and might want to push their boundaries, ride a bit further, and bit faster or take in a few more hills, but that jump to the progressive group is a bit of a barrier.

Firstly, rest assured that in the progressive and speedy groups, the club ethos also applies! All riders are included and that we want rides which are fun. So, we continue the atmosphere which you will be used to in the recreational group.

Secondly, you now have a means by which you can ‘dip your toe’ into progressive group rides. To bridge the gap, we will be putting on a few ‘Transition Rides’ aimed at those who might be looking for the next step. These rides will usually be on a Saturday morning, but will be shorter (45-50km approx. 30miles) and we’ll aim for a flatter route. The Transition Rides will be specifically aimed at those wanting to try a longer ride. So, most riders will be in the same boat, there's no need to feel anxious.

The first ride will be on Sat 19th May. 0730 from the leisure centre in Chepstow.

So come along, give it a go! Keep in mind that if you’re thinking of doing it, then you’ll be ready and more than capable of doing it.

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