The Club Committee & Officers

The Club Committee & Officers are voted in each year as part of the Annual Review meeting. For more details on the process please have a look through the Club Constitution.

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Kevin Daffey

Club Chairperson

My role is to direct the general affairs of the club including chairing the committee meetings and AGM.  I enable the other committee members to discharge their roles and support them in decision making. 


With the secretary I look after the constitutional matters and help with any disciplinary matters that arise.  I keep in touch with members through being an active ride leader and event organiser.

I am contactable by email at chair@chepstowcyclingclub.wales


Gemma Hewitt

Club Secretary


As club secretary I am responsible for working alongside the chairman to produce the agenda for the monthly committee meetings. I publish a Record of Actions and Decisions (RoAD) following the meetings and issue them to club members. I am the principle administrator for the club, ensuring that all correspondence to the club is issued to the relevant officers for response. I use the British Cycling Club Management Tool to support me in my role and keep members up to date with affairs and communications. I am responsible for members knowing where they can access key information such as the club’s Constitution and Code of Conduct. 

You can contact me at secretary@chepstowcyclingclub.wales


Paul Wright

Welfare Officer

My name is Paul Wright and I took over the Club Welfare Officer role in 2020.


I moved into the area in the summer 2019 and started riding with the club soon after.  I was made to feel very welcome by all members from the first ride and was impressed by the time and effort our ride leaders and team commit to the club.

I wanted to contribute to the team and volunteered at the Club AGM in January, becoming the Club Welfare Officer.   One of my main roles is to maintain high standards in relation to vulnerable groups and promote safeguarding within the club.   This is achieved by following the advice and direction of British Cycling.


I am available to discuss any issues or concerns

Email: welfare.officer@chepstowcyclingclub.wales

Tom Parkin

Technology Officer

I got into cycling after training for the London to Brighton charity bike ride. Several more of those and some sportives and I was completely hooked. I can't imagine not riding my bike now, even though juggling it with 2 young kids is quite challenging at times. Teaching them to ride is lots of fun.

My role in the club is to support all aspects of the IT. This includes the website, email accounts, passwords  and a few of the apps  that we use as a club. When I'm able to get out, I enjoy the Saturday Progressives or Sunday Speedy ride. I also occasionally help out with the Recreational Ride on a Wednesday and will be helping with the coaching of young people as we start to develop that area.

You can contact me at it.officer@chepstowcyclingclub.wales


Jon Wheeler

Treasurer and Kit Officer

I rode BMX when I was young and started road riding in 1997. I joined Chepstow Cycling Club soon after its launch. I have enjoyed all aspects of the club from meeting new people to developing as a cyclist. 

I have been lucky enough to have ridden a few tours in France and Spain in which I have climbed many of the main mountains including Alpe d'Huez and Mount Ventoux.


I have taken part in many local sportives, road races and time trials, before having children! 


I currently hold the role of Treasurer and Kit officer at the club.  

You can contact me at treasurer@chepstowcyclingclub.wales


Pete James

Ride Leader

Hello, my name is Pete James and I’m responsible for co-ordinating the road rides through the Ride Leaders group for the club. I have been a member of Chepstow Cycling Club since mid 2017. I cycled over 8000 miles in 2019 and most of that was with the Club.   

I currently regularly Co-lead the Sunday Speedies rides and the Wednesday Warrior (Progressive) rides. I have introduced new routes for both the Speedies and Warrior rides e.g. Slimbridge, Gloucester loop, Cardiff Bay and Hereford.

I recognise that ride leaders are the life-blood of the club and that without members who are skilled and experienced enough to coordinate and lead our rides we would not be able to function efficiently.

As a club we offer a wide variety of rides that cater for all abilities and I will support the committee in maintaining and developing the breadth of activities on offer. As a club we value everyone and promote a willingness to listen to, and learn from others and where possible to accommodate their needs.

You can contact me at ride.leader@chepstowcyclingclub.wales


Steph Charnaud

Marketing and Communications Officer

I'm Steph. I joined Chepstow Cycling Club when I picked up a running injury a couple of years ago, to try to keep fit.

I arrived on a reasonably heavy flat-handle bar bike and pedals with toe clips at a Wednesday Recreational ride. I've progressed a bit from there and now have a proper road bike and I now clip in! 

I'm Australian, and despite living in the UK for 19 years I still have an accent. I'm also a keen climber which makes Chepstow a perfect place to live. 

You can contact me at marcomms.officer@chepstowcyclingclub.wales