Youth & Junior Cycling Division

The club is currently developing a coaching capability which will mean that, during the summer term of 2019, we will be able to start delivering British Cycling accredited coaching to youth and junior cyclists. We are currently going through the registration process to become a British Cycling Go-Ride club.


We are currently training 3 coaches and developing our strategy to ensure that we deliver high quality and safe training. It is the aim to have an on-going option for youth and junior cyclists, providing a route into the sport and the club.

What will we offer?

The club will provide youth and junior training to focus on cycling skills using the British Cycling framework. This will take young cyclists along a development path which will start with the basics of cycling, and then introduce more advanced techniques, improving bicycle handling skills, confidence and group riding. 

For those who wish to take things further, competitive elements of cycling will be covered.

We are also working closely with Monmouthshire County Council to deliver the Bikeability scheme in schools, and also within the club. Bikeability is the successor to Cycling Proficiency, and also much more. Starting in a controlled, traffic free area, cyclists learn the basics. Once mastered, and when confident, cyclists will then be taken onto the roads with our National Standard Instructors, to learn how to ride in a safe and confident manner.

Who is this for?

These courses are for everybody who can sit on a bike, and pedal it in a circle. We'll take it from there!

The skills sessions are completed off road, in a controlled area. Any young cyclist can come along, all we ask is that they can pedal a bike in a circle without stabilisers. This usually means from 5 years onward.

Older riders will certainly still benefit as the training is progressive and will be delivered in ability groups.

The Bikeability training will be delivered in schools to year 5 or 6 students, and will also be available though the club. Students will only progress onto the roads when the coach feels confident that students have the skills required.

Can youth/junior members attend club rides?

Riders must be a minimum of 10 years old to join the club on road rides.

Riders under 16 are welcome to join club rides if competent and confident enough to ride in a group. Riders under 16 must be accompanied by a parent /carer.

Riders who are 16+ permitted are permitted to join club rides on their own, but will require written permission from a parent/carer, and the must be competent and confident to ride in a group.

All riders under 16 are entirely the responsibility of their parent /carer. It is not the responsibility of the ride leader to ensure the individual safety of riders.

The ride leader  will decide if they believe that a rider has suitable experience to ride in a group. If in doubt ask us! We are more than happy to provide guidance.

The minimum age for Time Trialing is 13 years old. Parents/carers of riders under 18 will be asked to complete a consent form before riders are allowed to race.