Chepstow Chasseur de Cols (CCC) Challenge 2020

Prepare yourself for the event of the year. Make yourself comfortable and browse the below segments to whet your appetite for the challenge! 

There are two types of activities during which points can be collected:

- Best from 12 hills

- Ride & Altitude Quest (more information on this to follow)


Points can be collected until the 1st of October 2020 to win the accolade: “Chasseur de Cols”

The person with the most points will receive the Chepstow Chasseur de Cols accolade of the year


Best time from 12 Local Climb segments

• Ride from January - 30th September
• 20 points for best time on each hill
• 19 points for second, etc.
• Any attempt will at least get 5 points regardless of number of participants
• Best 10 scores count towards the challenge
• Not all hills need to be climbed
• Open to Members of Chepstow CC and Monmouthshire Wheelers
• Simply Join a Strava Club “Chepstow Chasseur de Cols (CCC)“ here:

Ensure you are making your Activities Public on Strava and we will do the rest with regular results updates through the year.
• Joining the Strava club confirms your agreement to have your rides logged and results shares with both Monmouthshire Wheelers and Chepstow Cycling Club throughout the year.

The segments are (exact names below – other similar segments will not be used but may create confusion so use the hyperlinks to the segments) :


Monmouth Staunton on Tarmac -

The Tumble Sign to Sign -


Parc-Seymour full climb

Pen-y-Clawdd climb from Raglan Road

Monmouth Trellech Road

Star Hill Final Climb

Wentwood Reservoir - Complete Climb

Whitebrook Farm to Monmouth Road

Chepstow Bridge – Offa’s Dyke

Climb to Cobblers Plain T Junction

Tintern Trelleck

Gospel Pass – Hay to the Top

Ride & Altitude Quest

  • Ride from January – 30th September

  • Ride any number of distances and altitudes from the available 10 – see slides / pictures below

  • Any amount of rides can be done

  • Ride any distance and altitude combination only once

  • Completion of rides means you’ve earned the points

  • Speed is not of importance. Finishing the ride is of importance

  • Register on Strava

  • Finished your ride? PM me (Andre Dekerf) with the Strava link to your ride and I will add your points


See you soon on one of those!