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Discounted membership at hub. gym Chepstow

So you've decided to get out on your bike a bit more and joined one of our recreational rides or, you're really getting the

bug and considering taking your cycling a bit further! Well, it's important to remember that if you want overall health benefits and wellbeing, there's more to think about than the bike. 

Claire - owner of the hub. gym

Cycling is a fantastic way to combine a great hobby/sport with improving your fitness, helping to control those few extra pounds or even pushing yourself and trying some competitions. But as with most things in life its worth considering if you are getting a good balance in your exercise, and that you are taking a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

I know that from the cycling that I have done, along with other factors like sitting in a car commuting to work, then sitting at a desk, I can be susceptible to getting a few aches in my back or a tight feeling in my quads. Having done a bit of reading, and talking to my friendly osteopath, I realised that I needed to think about my overall health and fitness. As a result I started going to the gym and building a few dynamic exercises into my weekly routine, as well as attending a few classes at the gym and trying out some yoga and pilates. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but after a couple of months I genuinely felt years younger. I was lifting weights that I never though I should try again, and sitting on a bike became much more comfortable, and my riding also improved.

Pilates Classes

In Chepstow we are lucky to have the 'hub gym'! They offer a number of classes as well as a first class gym. I went to visit

them for the first time this week and I can safely say that it is one of the best equipped and set up gyms I have seen (no, I'm not on commission!). Whats more, is that I had the friendliest reception when I arrived and immediately felt very welcome. There's a very relaxed atmosphere, and its certainly not the stereotypical testosterone filled environment. Sure, there are some big guys there throwing around some weights but when I was there I actually could see more female members than men. Also the staff are pretty much 50/50 guys and girls, so it has a great balance.


The hub have also agreed to give members of Chepstow Cycling Club a discounted membership for their Platinum membership. Usually it's £29.99/month, but for club members its £24.99. If you're not sure if a gym is somewhere for you,  pop in and have a look round, or take a look at  the hub gym website first.

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